Love really is…all around us. Part One


I have a confession to make… we were fortunate to acquire tickets for Adele’s final concert in Melbourne last night, and from the moment she walked on stage, I had tears rolling down my face. It is so embarrassing when other people are simply enjoying the moment, huge smiles on their faces, while there’s me, sitting stony faced like I wasn’t feeling a thing…unless you noticed the glistening of tears rolling down my cheeks…

This unbridled emotion appeared from seemingly nowhere, as you see, my husband is the one most likely voted to follow her every move. He has played her music for so many years now, and it was to ‘accompany’ him that I attended.

And… curiosity too.

What is it about her that captivates so many of us, from all ages, as attested by her audience last night? Yes, she has a beautiful voice that flows like honey the minute she sings a note. But there must be something more to her to attract crowds like she has. And was there something even bigger at play that had this over sensitive heart reeling with emotion?

Reflecting on it today, I think it began with the early dinner in the city. The restaurants were full with the buzz of something we were preparing for together…an anticipation that flowed effortlessly through the city. That was followed by a tram trip to the top end of town to the stadium. The tram stops were again full, after all, around 75,000 people were heading in the same direction.
We were packed into the tram like sardines, on a very warm Autumn evening. But there was a patience…an energy, a buzz, as people looked out for each other on the tram. Someone from deep within the bunch detected someone required alighting…clearly they were not a concert goer. We all shuffled to make space as best we could.
Some of us began chatting, sharing in the excitement of the moment. Some had travelled from Malaysia to attend. These lovely moments repeated themselves once we were at our seats, happily sharing travel stories with those next to us.

Before long, the great ‘Mexican wave commenced; we all eagerly awaited our turn for the wave to approach and then… smiles all around as our hands flew into the air. There was sheer joy in the concert goers’ faces. Why did this promote such joy? Me being me likes to contemplate these things…all the while, my husband is analysing the stage for the mechanics of how it was created, where Adele may be coming from, the lighting…you get the idea… we are very different in what takes up our ‘waiting time’ thoughts!

I believe the joy is found in the ‘unison factor’, apart from appearing very beautiful to witness around a grand stadium. We are ‘all in this together’, approach, with each person playing their part, to create a beautiful whole…happy, fully present and united through eagerness for what we were going to experience… our hearts and minds flowing as one. This feeling is now known as ‘Coherence’. There is some amazing work being done by HeartMath Institute who scientifically explores our connection with each other. They have a variety of videos on the subject and I’ve included one beautiful one here in case you enjoy this area of study.

The phenomenon occurs in many situations, including sporting events, but last night, there were no sides taken…no dividing into two… we, all 75,000 of us, were there to experience the gifts from one… only one, young lady who has mesmerised so much of the world.
It was palpable and was part of the reason for my tears; this is my default mode for anything ‘emotional, good or less so!…My heart was experiencing this coherence, with a deep feeling of connectedness overwhelming me.

Please join me for part two soon…Di 💕