Part 2…The discoveries of Dr Bach.

Mount Vernon. Image by Dianne whilst attending Level 1

Hello lovely,

And so…this week, I would like to share with you what, exactly, Dr Bach discovered…

He found that flowers have a resonance all of their own… a vibrational fingerprint of the highest order. The remedies, as indeed all flower remedies (also known as essences) are classed as Vibrational Medicine, working on the subtle energy system of our body to restore wellbeing. I think Dr Bach described it beautifully in the quote above.

Through his intuition and profound connection with the wildflowers, he was able to learn when a particular flower would balance his particular emotional state. He left London and travelled all over the country and into Wales in search of the flowers as a match for our various emotional states. He became his own test case, and would eventually move from London to a new home, called Mount Vernon, in the tiny village of Sotwell in Oxfordshire, pictured above. It was here he tested his new discoveries on his patients.
People would line up to be treated by Dr Bach using his new method of healing.

He received excellent results.

In time, word spread about this new way of returning us to the state of wellbeing through balancing our emotions, or feelings of being ‘stuck’ in a pattern that doesn’t serve us.
He trained three assistants to help with correspondence from people around the world who wrote about their healing stories after using his remedies.

Dr Bach’s method of preparing the remedies involves either floating the blossoms gently in a glass bowl filled with pure spring water and allowed to steep under full sun for three hours.

An example of the sun method. Picture by Dianne

Or by the boiling method. This is for tougher, woodier plants whose flowers are boiled in Spring water for half an hour.

These two methods transfer the signature of the flower’s vibrational essence to become one with the water. This transformed water, called the ‘Mother Tincture’ is then preserved in quality Brandy and poured off to become the ‘stock bottles’ you’ll see in the shops.

Perhaps you have heard of Rescue Remedy?

Rescue Remedy, pictorial of its contents

There are countless examples of the blend within this tiny yellow bottle delivering fast results from traumatic and overwhelming situations or emergencies.
Rescue Remedy consists of five individual flower remedies you can see in the picture above.

Some remedies will have a near immediate result with our passing moods, whilst others for balancing long-held emotional patterns can take weeks or longer.

There are studies beginning to emerge about how the process actually works but Dr Bach wanted to keep his system free of Science in order to keep it simple and in my words, very personal. He also wished that we could all reach for a remedy when we require nurturing from nature to regain our zest and joy for life.

He wrote ‘I want it to be as simple as this. I am hungry, I will go and pull a lettuce from my garden for my tea; I am frightened and ill, I will take a dose of Mimulus.’

The remedies have absolutely no side effects, are gentle enough to be used for pregnant women, babies and pets, and with any kind of medication. The only thing we must bring to your awareness is if you are very sensitive to alcohol or are wishing to avoid all traces of it for any reason. In this case, you may prefer to add them to hot drinks to evaporate the alcohol or to rub the drops onto pulse points. By the time you dilute the drops from the stock bottle into a personal mixer bottle with spring water, there is almost no alcohol to be an issue in most circumstances.


In coming posts, I’ll delve more into the process of choosing a remedy, our emotions, the reason I’m becoming a practitioner and why they are an integral part of Dr Bach’s system, and…to introduce you to the beautiful flowers themselves.

For now, thank you so much for visiting my post.

Until next time, much love,

Dianne ❤️🌸

11 thoughts on “Part 2…The discoveries of Dr Bach.

  1. Fantastic post, dear Dianne! Thank YOU for enlightening me about Dr. Bach and his wonderful work / process! I’m so chuffed to learn more about these natural products; I’m a firm believer in the natural methods myself, as you know. Also, your photo above of the flowers in the bowl is absolutely gorgeous and I think it deserves its own Instagram post. As I mentioned, I’ve tried the Rescue Cream and it works wonders! I’m excited to try out some of these treatments in the future!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Cynthia, I’m touched by firstly, your visit to my blog, and secondly by your beautiful message.
      I’m thrilled you enjoyed learning about Dr Bach and seeing how the remedies are prepared simply. I may use it on insta one day…
      I hope you are able to use the treatments in future and if you do, I’d be honoured to hear how you go.
      Thank you again for stopping by 🙏🏼💐💞

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Di, I use rescue remedy as well. In fact, I used it for my dog’s fear of thunderstorms the other day. Our Melbourne weather has been insanely hot and when those cool changes come with their thunderstorms my poor doggie suffers. I think it does calm him a little, which is some help at least.
    Hope you guys are all well. Lorelle Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Lorelle, thank you so much for stopping by my post and adding your kind words and experience with Rescue Remedy. I’m happy to see it helps with your pet dog. It certainly sounds like very up and down weather down there. We are well thank you, and I trust you are well too? Thank you again for being here 💕💐

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I find this so fascinating Di. What an intriguing practice and clearly the discoveries of Dr Bach have had profound and positive effects. Like Kim I’m also looking forward to reading more. Thank you so much for sharing this and I absolutely love the picture and quote too. Love and hugs from me. xx (And if I could do flower emojis on my laptap, know that I would!!) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello dear Miriam, thank you for your lovely thoughts on my post. You know, when I started this Bach Flower journey, I knew deep in my heart that I had, and wanted, to spread the word. I’m so touched and honoured you are interested, whether or not you ever receive a single drop. Knowledge is power.
      And yes…I know what you mean about computers without emojis… Thank you again. Much love from me 💐💕💕🌺

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Knowledge is indeed power and I think it’s wonderful you’re spreading the word. And yes, I’m definitely interested, in fact I bought myself a bottle of the Rescue Remedy years ago so I have tried it first hand. Have a beautiful weekend my dear friend. 🌹🌱🍀🌷🌸🌼🌻🌺❤️😊

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      2. Thank you for such encouragement dear Miriam. I’m thrilled you’re along for the journey. And glad you knew about the little yellow bottle of RR. I hope that helps put all these posts into perspective…
        Have a beautiful weekend too my sweet 🌺💕💕🌸🌍

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m drinking all this in, Di. It’s so beautiful to read your own personal explanations of the hows and whys of the flower essences. It really is quite wondrous, isn’t it? Thank you for sharing your journey and the lessons you’re learning. Looking forward to more. 💜👏🌻

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Kim, thank you for reading and for leaving your very encouraging message. I’m thrilled you enjoy following along and yes, I certainly find it quite wondrous too. What a lovely description. Thank you again my friend 💕💐🌺


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