Inspirational people…


Hello to you, and welcome,

This week, I’m saying very little…
I really want to introduce you to two utterly inspiring Australians who epitomise the art of Resilience

The second awesome Australian is Turia Pitt.

I’ve been following Turia’s journey since she came to our attention after being horrifically burnt in a fire in 2012.
She is interviewed with her amazing partner in a short video that I’m sure will melt you, move you and have you reaching for the tissues. Throughout it all is a beautiful story of Love and resilience.

Please don’t listen to do me a favour, please listen to do yourselves a favour. 

If we are able to soak up the wisdom from people who have been through so much… If they can inspire us…
If their tragedies, struggles and triumphs can be given meaning by sharing of
themselves for others…

Anything I can do to share stories and inspiring people who allow us the gift of falling in love with life again after hardships…then I’m content…

I wish you well,
much love,

Di xx


An interview with Maurice Gleeson from ‘The Weekly With Charlie Pickering: Interviews Series 3.’



An interview with Turia Pitt

56 thoughts on “Inspirational people…

  1. Di, I am not surprised at all that you’ve found a way to share the stories of these inspiring people with us. Isn’t there often an unspoken expectation that we become “less-than” after suffering a tragedy? But when we meet people like Maurice and Turia, who have not only recovered, but have GROWN from their experiences, it epitomizes inspiration. Loved it and thank you for this extra-strength dose of goodness.


    1. Hello dear Gabe,
      This is one beautiful response to my post. I’m so touched you enjoyed hearing about these two people and I’m glad the videos played for you over in this part of the world…
      I haven’t blogged in a while and I’m thrilled this has kept us in touch…
      Thank you for sharing your ever kind thoughts here.
      Take care and I’ll check for a new post from you very soon…🙋🏻💐💐

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    1. Hello Otto.
      Thank you so much for stopping by my post. I’m happy you enjoyed seeing their story. They are amazing people. And I also thank you for your thoughtful words…you are very kind 💐✨

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    1. Hello Sobia,
      How lovely to hear from you. Thank you so much for your kind words…they have just truly made my day.

      And I do hope you have found my comments under recent posts of yours…I have had such major issues with my comments going to spam…

      Thank you again for such encouragement from you,
      Di 💐✨✨

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      1. Aaww I’m glad it did Di and it’s true, I find you’re positivity oozing from you’re lovely blog posts. It’s wonderful to see that as it’s a rare to find such a trait in people today who see positively through all situations.

        Thank you Deej, I just checked my spam, I did manage to find a comment of yours for one of my previous posts, is that what you were referring to or the recent post?

        Thank you and have a lovely day.

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      2. Hello again Sobia,
        Thank you again…I needed to hear your positivity today.
        It’s honestly meant a lot.
        And I love how you’ve called me Deej…you must know my surname starts with J! My daughter Danielle was always called Deej and written that way too…She now has a new surname after her wedding so please feel very welcome to use that any time you choose to.
        Thank you again…

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      3. Aawww how sweet and that was quiet coincidental that I called you Deej, as you see my dear friend is mostly allied Deej as a nickname and so therefore used it with yourself not knowing that it held a deeper meaning.
        I sure will Deej if that’s something you like and love then I’ll aim to call you as such.

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      4. That’s quite alright Sobia…no rush. As long as you know I was happy to see new posts from you and left a comment.
        Take your time…life is busy enough without scanning through Spam 🙋🏻💐💐

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    1. Hello Candace,
      Thank you for stopping by my post and leaving your lovely comments. Yes, I find it truly amazing how resilient we can be in the face of such tragedy and adversity.
      Thank you again,
      Di 🌹🌹


  2. Thank you, thank you, Di, for sharing these people with us. I watched the interview with Turia, and I am blown away by her attitude and humour after facing death the way she did. I am inspired to keep making lemonade, no matter what I face. I can’t view the other video, but I will track it down on YouTube somehow. Can’t wait! Thanks again, Di!! xo

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    1. Hello dear Tanya,
      Thank you so much for responding to this video. I’m disappointed the other one didn’t work.
      Thank you for letting me know.
      Technology is great but has its limits I guess.
      I really appreciate you being here Tanya, it means such a lot 🙏🏼💕🌈

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  3. Wow Di these are very inspirational and encouraging words of wisdom and hope!! You are amazing! Thank you for being the positive voice we need to hear when we are down🙏🏼❤️! Bless you!

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    1. Hello dear Didi,
      Thank you so much for visiting here and having a listen to these amazing people. I’m so happy to think they appeared just when you may have needed a little lift.
      Thank you too for your beautiful comments. They mean such a lot.
      Wishing you many blessings, Didi 💕💐


    1. Hello Kathrin,
      thank you so much for finding my blog and this post. I’m so happy you enjoyed hearing from these two amazing people. people.
      I’ll certainly have a look at your blog later today.
      Thank you again, for stopping by,
      Di 💐✨

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  4. So brilliant, you visually introduced belief, motivation and love …. and how to make lemonade from lemons.
    So good and inspiring to know about people who gives strength through their life. It’s practical It’s real and It’s does the work.
    Just wrapping up my day, delighted to go through your post.
    My good wishes to you and your family.
    Love & Care

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    1. Hello dear ArtOfMobile,
      Thank you so much. You are absolutely correct that I used this as a follow on from my last post…
      Thank you for expressing how these inspiring people made you feel. I’m happy it was a lovely way to end your day.
      Thank you too for your good wishes for me and my family. Received very gratefully my friend.
      Until soon, love and care to you in return 💐💕


    1. Hello Brad,
      I’m so glad you had a moment to have a look/listen.
      Yes, she is just amazing and her partner…with her every step of the way. What a man.
      Thank you so much for being here…it means a lot 🙋🏻💐✨✨

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    1. Hello dear Mich…
      Thank you so much for letting me know. That means the world to know it may have made a small difference to you.
      Sending you a hug and care,
      Di 💐♥️

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      1. Thank you Cyranny,
        Yes, I’m actually quite obsessed with that concept, so these two lovely people were such a natural fit here.
        I’m happy you enjoyed their stories.
        Thank you again for being here,
        Di 🦋💐


    1. Hello again Cyranny! I had one of those days where comments were not appearing. I’ve visited your blog today and left comments. Just wanted to let you know…I get upset thinking no one knows I’ve visited their blog or bothered to comment…
      No stress to reply…🙋🏻💕

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      1. Oh my!! Thank you for leaving this message, Di! Your messages were indeed in my “spam” file for no obvious reason!! And even if I should check it more regularly, I always forget…. I’ll get back to you on your kind messages a little later, this morning 🙂

        Thank you again for taking the time to tell me about your unanswered comments 🙂 xx

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      2. You are very welcome Cyranny. Thank you for your gracious reply. I’m sad it gives you more work. I never check Spam either.
        And absolutely reply any time. I know they are safely in your hands now so no pressure.
        I’d be so sad if you thought I didn’t bother reading any of your posts, that’s the only reason I had to let you know. I may not see them all but I check in regularly as you are now part of my blogs to follow…
        Until soon,
        all the best from Di 🙋🏻💜


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