Lessons from a year of Yoga…

The wall hanging in the studio for Yoga class. I really loved its imperfect appearance with the wiggly words…


Hello and welcome to a new post…

I joined Yoga in July last year to recover from the back pain I wrote about in three parts. I’m including the links for easy access. You are welcome to read about that journey if you are a new friend here…

 Curiosity, and the blessings from back pain… Part One

Curiosity and the blessings of Back pain… part two.

Curiosity and the Blessings of Back pain… Part Three

It’s been an eye opening year, and the benefits from Yoga are becoming palpable. These lessons were borne after a class. I began to notice subtle changes over how I was managing setbacks and disappointments during certain poses…

It was as though I’d become less reactive and more patient with myself…

May you enjoy them as they lay their goodness upon me…

✨For every forward bend, inversion, stretch, there is an opposite movement. Too much of one position can create imbalances and cause our body to grow into that stance until it takes much work to undo it.

✨There are times when it hurts…
Hold through the pain, let it flow through you and trust it be over soon, as nothing lasts forever…good and bad.

✨Focusing on breathing, and remembering to breathe through the challenges, creates a naturally peaceful state, and encourages us to be fully in the present moment…

✨Sometimes we cannot do a pose alone. We need to lean on someone, taking turns at being the one who holds the other person up.

✨Remembering that if a pose is unattainable this week, there is always next week. We are forever changing, evolving, or just having a bad day, so it’s certainly worth attempting it next class… we will more than likely attain it then…

✨And if we don’t, remember there things called are baby steps that edge us ever so slowly towards our goal.

✨If we rush into a pose, we may make an incorrect decision about how it’s meant to be…
Take your time.

✨It’s important to remain flexible.
‘Rigid’ doesn’t allow for new moves, and has the potential to keep us stuck in the one position.

✨Sometimes it makes such a difference looking at things from upside down, to fully appreciate what we are looking at.
Often we look without truly seeing.

✨Maintaining poise and balance during a movement allows us to look ahead, to remain relaxed during the challenging poses.

✨Keep your eyes on a focal point. Choose something to focus on and keep it in your sight to maintain balance. Once your eyes roam, and determined focus dissolves, you lose your way…

✨If you lose your balance, don’t stress and be unkind to yourself.
Regain your poise, take a breath, focus and start over…

After all, it’s called ‘Yoga Practice’ for a reason.

✨Don’t, at any cost, compare your ‘now’  to someone else’s ‘now’ who appears to be attaining the poses perfectly…
Life is a journey and we are all on a different part of the path…
Follow your own lead and carve your own…
Only compare where you are today with where YOU were last time…
We can be inspired by them, but not at the expense of our self-worth.

✨Finally, I’ve learnt that we really are one.
We share each other’s joys,
We share each other’s pain.


Thank you for reading,

Di 💜



39 thoughts on “Lessons from a year of Yoga…

    1. Hello there,
      Thank you so much for letting me know you enjoyed my post. I’m touched.
      Yes, it does for sure. My hubby and I have just relocated to London for a period of time and I’m keen to find my local yoga class…I’ll hope have a look at your blog maybe when life settles down again

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    1. Hello womenyogapants, thank you for stopping by my post and for your welcome thoughts. That’s very true…the only thing we can ever control, isn’t it.
      Best wishes,
      Di 💐


  1. Such wise and profound life lessons that you’ve gained from your time at Yoga dear Di. What a wonderfully uplifting and inspiring post. I did yoga many years ago then switched to Zumba, different yet both of which have their benefits. Hope you’ve had a lovely week my friend. xo 💕

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    1. Hello dear Miriam,
      Thank you for your kind words and thoughts on my post.
      I’m really happy you felt uplifted from the life lessons.
      You certainly will understand my thoughts as having been part of a yoga class.
      Zumba would be awesome and such fun. I think I’d giggle my way through it…healing in itself.

      Thank you, as always, for being here…
      A busy but good week thank you.
      Hugs from me 💐💕

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  2. Hi Di!
    I have never done yoga, except once with goats, and in all honesty, there wasn’t much ‘yoga’ing’ going on! But I have always wanted to try it because I think it would be so beneficial for me both mentally and physically. And after the last year and a half I could use a little healing. Your post has inspired me to give it a whirl because the perspective and growth you have gained from it is invaluable, and I know it would be for me as well. There is so much for me to learn, and I would love to connect with myself in a way I never have – yoga might just be the opportunity I am looking for. Another lovely post, as always, Di, and I appreciate your words so very much!

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    1. Hello dear Tanya,
      I’m always so happy to see your name appear on my notifications!
      Thank you for reading this and letting me know how it may have influenced you to begin a practice. The yoga theory is certainly something that has taken its time arriving for me but I was just pondering on how it I can relate it to life.
      You certainly have been through a lot in the last year and perhaps it would be a little gift to yourself.
      I’d really love to read a post about yoga with goats…that would make for some excellent reading knowing your writing style filled with humour and poignancy at the same time…😍
      Thank you for your always supportive words my friend. You know I appreciate yours very much too 🙏🏼💕

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    1. Hello Otto,
      Thank you so much for stopping my my post and leaving your kind comments.
      I’m certainly a work in progress and these little life lessons are the things I can only aspire to continue working on through through regular practice.
      Thank you again,
      Best wishes from Di 💐✨✨

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  3. Hi Di!
    As a yoga practitioner, I felt truth in each of your points. But the one that struck me the most is comparing “nows.”
    Whether staring at the bendy girl in her perfect headstand or envying the friend two giant leaps ahead in her career, comparing myself just makes me miserable and doesn’t help either my yoga or my career. Only in my late-thirties did I begin to understand how destructive comparisons are. First, I had to stop denying that I was comparing myself. Because we’re not SUPPOSED to compare ourselves to other people, so I wouldn’t admit–even to myself–that I was doing it. But once I gave myself permission to admit that I was comparing myself, and was therefore the source of my own pain, I was able to observe the effects of comparing myself to others on my quality of life. It didn’t make me happy. And I wasn’t going to become the perfect bendy girl, nor leap ahead in my career just because I had a deluded idea of what I “deserved.” Instead, I looked at my contribution. What did I have to offer as the unique and only expression of Angela ever to be on this earth? And how was I going to offer it? Did wishing I was someone or somewhere else help me to contribute more? Nope. Instead, I try and focus my energy only on what will clear the path to maximizing my contribution to the world. I don’t always succeed, but I try. I practice. I learn. I fail. I fall. I get back up and try again.
    People think yoga is a fitness routine, or a stretching or strengthening protocol. But, it’s so much more. Yoga is a life protocol. And you’ve outlined the key tenets for living a beautiful life full of contribution in your list. Thank you.

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    1. Angela…you have just honestly, given me a reaction whilst reading your response to a post I decided was too obscure.
      I so much value your kind contribution to this one, and I could literally write an essay to you in gratitude. Your comment has come just at the right time…as I was going to delete this post…it was the bigger picture that I was sharing these life lessons through yoga. It’s not so much about the physical practice but what we can learn about life. You sharing your comparison story also resonated so well. I’ve been writing about my journey to self acceptance but this weekend, it came crashing down as I had a bad case of the ‘comparison flu’…I actually said it out loud and admitted it, and like yourself, I gave myself permission to accept that’s what I was feeling.
      Yes, already I can tell you are a kind, giving warm soul and we both should celebrate our unique voice and ability to be self aware…

      I cannot thank you enough for arriving just when I needed to hear your beautiful message.
      Thank you so much Angela,
      From Di 🌈💐

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    1. Hello dear Mich,
      Thank you for adding your thoughtful words about Yoga and your experience, and that this may have inspired you to go on. Yes, the bigger picture was my sudden realisation. I’m quite taken with the need to ‘hold each other up’ in turn.
      Thank you again for your kind words,
      Di 💐💐

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  4. Hey Di!
    I’m so glad to hear that you’ve found so much growth and perspective through yoga. I’ll have to admit that I haven’t been able to find similar results – probably because I don’t have the flexibility or patience (yet), but I loved your observation about balance. This is so true in life as well isn’t it? To much movement in one direction for too long can cause us to get weaker in other areas, and become imbalanced.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Gabe,
      Thank you so much for stopping by to read this post.
      I appreciate your thoughts about your yoga experience and glad you found value in the point about balance.
      For me, it would be the realisation that we take turns ‘holding each other up…’ That was a special aha moment for me.
      I guess going at your own pace is key to your practice.

      Take care, and thanks again…
      Di 🙋🏻💐

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  5. Loved this Di. I keep seeing articles about yoga and its many benefits and now this post with your personal experience and insights. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m being given a ‘nudge’ to try it for a second time. I love reading all the wonderful comments by your followers and friends too; it’s a window into how others feel and think about a myriad of things. 💜💜🙏

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello Kim,
      Thank you for your lovely thoughts about this post, and yoga in general.
      It’s a very small class which makes it just perfect.
      I hope you can find a class that fits with your preferences should you choose to seek one out.
      Thank you again for your warm words about the comments too…I do have some kind followers here.
      Sending hugs and best wishes to you 💐💕💕


    1. Hello Bella,
      I’m always so chuffed hearing from you. Thank you so much for visiting and leaving your kind words.
      I know you are very much into meditation too. That is my next aim hopefully once the move is over…
      Take care,
      Di 💐💕

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      1. I’m glad it was special to you Bella. It’s how I felt when I saw you comment and so I thought you’d appreciate hearing it too…
        Thank you for your kind wishes about the big move…just looking at Visa paperwork now!

        Yes, I hope we do speak soon in one platform or another…
        Di 💕💐

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh sure you may Bella. We are in Melbourne moving to London for my hubby’s work. We are so excited as it’s a dream come true…I believe you are a Londoner? 🌎🌸🌸

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  6. I love this Di 🙏🏻🌈

    I resonate so deeply with your words here. Yoga enriches our lives and teaches us about the way we interact with our world and our ‘self’. It’s not just about attaining the ‘perfect position’ – yoga is a continuous evolving journey. Thank you for reminded me why I love starting my morning on the mat!

    namasté 🙏🏻xx

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    1. Hello dear Hayley,
      I’m so touched you found some goodness in this post. I’m sure as you are a regular student of yoga that you knew about these already.
      I value your kind words about this very much, and I thank you for them 💕💐

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  7. Namaste Di,

    Inspiring, informative and another mind and soul uplifting post.
    I loved how you have narrated the physical, mental and the spiritual evolving through Yoga.
    I always try to take something out from your post for my benefit and I must say your blog offer plenty of it.
    And when I go through the comments from others, it’s such an inspiring and evolving thoughts I see across your blog. Lovely.
    Love & Care

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Namaste dear ArtOfMobile,
      Thank you for your lovely thoughts about this post. I am very happy to think this was inspiring for you. That always means a lot to me.
      Until soon,
      Love and care from Di 💕💐


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