Re-blog… ‘Unexpected gifts from my homeless friends —By (Almost) Unsalvageable.’

Hello and welcome,

I’d love to share a post by a blogging friend by the name of Gabe.

He writes an inspiring blog called (Almost) Unsalvageable where his writing and digital paintings inspire, uplift and educate.
Gabe has a wonderful sense of humour that he infuses into many of his posts,
alongside his ‘willingness to be vulnerable.’

His post below touched many of his readers by highlighting and sharing the ‘voice’ of the homeless in his city.

…Thank you for this heartfelt post, Gabe.

I hope you enjoy it too. You’ll find the full version by clicking on the blue link below Gabe’s artwork.

Thank you for visiting this week,

much love,

Di ♥️




I’ve been sitting on this sketch for a few weeks now, waiting for the right time to share it with you. Paul, one of the two authors at Two Voices One Transmission asked me to create a sketch based on descriptions of several characters in this blog post. His interactions with his “favorite neighbors,” who…

via Unexpected gifts from my homeless friends — (Almost) Unsalvageable

15 thoughts on “Re-blog… ‘Unexpected gifts from my homeless friends —By (Almost) Unsalvageable.’

  1. Di! So sorry it’s taken me awhile to thank you so much for sharing one of my posts here. (It’s been crazy recently, and my wife issued a moratorium on all things blogging until I could get caught back up on my “Honey-Do” list.

    You’re awesome as always Di. I don’t want to gush, but your generosity and kindness are inspiring to me (and many others). Thank you

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    1. Hello Gabe,
      Oh I’m so glad to hear from you. Those horrid demons in the night (darn that sensitivity trait!) had me asking if I had omitted a courtesy rule of asking permission first…but I really wanted to give you a surprise.
      Your kindness last week with Gheorghita touched me greatly and this was my way of thanking you, not to mention sharing your beautiful blog…
      We understand a ‘honey-do’ list, so all is well. My hubby and I can relate…🙂
      Thank you for your kindest of words too…I treasure them…
      Warmest wishes from me 💐🙋🏻

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      1. This WAS a wonderful surprise (and honor) Di. And I understand that super-sensitivity… especially its tendency to get even MORE active when the lights go out and we’re reviewing our days work.

        So sorry for giving it someone to naw on!

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      2. Hello Gabe,
        I knew you’d know where I was coming from. Yes, that review process after dark…can be quite pesky🤔
        I’m glad it was a surprise and it’s just timing this week that your ‘honey-do’ list coincided with my taking a small deviation from normal! It’s not you it’s me! So it’s all good…
        Thank you for your warm reply. I enjoyed the banter about it all.
        Have a great week and I’ll catch up on your great new post today.
        🙋🏻💐 Di

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    1. Hello Michnavs,
      Thank you so much for reading this repost of Gabe’s story. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. He would be happy to know that.
      Wishing you a lovely weekend,
      Di 💐🙋🏻

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