A precious moment in time…



“Kindnesses, in the form of ‘micro-moments’, wait patiently…
Wishing to release their seeds… 
Knowing they will be planting love…
far and wide.” Di



(The term ‘micro-moments’ courtesy of Barbara Fredrickson from her beautiful book, LOVE 2.0 …..Review in a forthcoming post).

Hello there,

You may remember from last week’s post about Love, thanks to Nikki’s weekly prompt, I made mention that it can be found in the dabbing of tears using the corner of a tissue…well, I’d love to share the reason behind that thought.

I hope you enjoy my story…

I was sitting at a café recently, writing a draft for a post, when a message came through on my phone…

You see, my best friend, Jo, from school days, had been to visit with her unwell mum…
Jo and I met on day one of first year of secondary school and were inseparable for all of those six years.

Jo moved to Queensland from Melbourne within a few weeks after that final year. We haven’t seen each other frequently in the ensuing years, as life took a different path for each of us.

I remembered her dear mum fondly, as often you may with the parents of your school friends…watching how other parents ‘parented’ was always a fascination for me, and Jo’s mum, Helen was forthright in offering advice about shaving our legs, plucking our eyebrows, and had in fact, shown me how to hang socks on the clothesline to maximise their drying capacity!! These little things I’ll never forget…

Jo was bringing her mum to Melbourne for a visit and we were going to spend one precious afternoon in the city.
We simply loved our fleeting time together.

We laughed, shared a meal, walked around the city, mindful of the delicate nature of Helen’s health, and generally knew that the passing years had removed none of the affection we had for each other. We fell into ourselves as comfortably as if it were yesterday again.

We created many happy memories and to be totally yourself with someone you don’t see very often is a real privilege. The sense of connectedness, sharing of our past, remembering all the silly things we did as teenage girls…such as forgetting we were walking undercover while we huddled under an umbrella…brought pure joy at the reminiscing.

So, as with all things, it came to an end, and we reluctantly left each other later that evening, before new commitments took control of their final couple of days here.


Jo and myself on an earlier visit last year

The message that came through while I sat at the café on my own?

It was a photo Jo had sent of the aeroplane they were about to board…they were now at Melbourne airport, about to board to return to Queensland.

It had a huge emotional impact on me and tears welled up as I was sitting in the café, my tissue stained with mascara.

…I was embarrassed to go and pay for coffee, with what I imagined were rivers of black streaks down my cheeks. Even walking to the bathroom would have created a visual stir for others, I was sure!

There was a lady sitting in front of me by herself too.

I had a thought….

And may I add that it would have been easy to talk myself out of reaching out to this lady…
‘I don’t want to bother her,’ ‘she may be busy,’ she may tell me to leave her alone’…

Something compelled me to proceed.

I excused myself and asked her if I was obviously mascara-stained because I’d had a few tears. Her beautiful response was this:

She turned to me, lightly put her finger under my chin to lift my face, reached for a clean serviette and began dabbing at my face. I can feel a welling of emotion just typing these words.

It was, at that moment, as if we were the only two people in the café-
we were so in tune and in the moment. I felt very seen and accepted as I presented my raw self to her. She didn’t ask the reason for my tears, but simply wished me well and said she hoped my day improved.

I could offer nothing but a heartfelt thank you in return.

I will never forget this moment of ‘love’ and it’s also a lesson for me that people like to show kindness, if we just give them half a chance. We often prefer to give than to humbly receive. I often wonder why this is?

Perhaps its due to those messages we have all heard many times…’It’s better to give that to receive’…

Maybe it should say, ‘In giving, we receive’, which I believe to be true if we offer without expecting anything in return.

But I see another way…

Perhaps in receiving, we are giving…

 I’ve never seen this kind lady again and chances are I never will.
She may never know what this seemingly simple act of kindness meant to me…

And now we all understand…

So, ‘just for today,’ let’s allow someone the chance to offer this to us… and just receive graciously.

It really can make the world go ’round.

Thank you for being here,


58 thoughts on “A precious moment in time…

  1. What a beautiful story, despite the underlying sadness in it. Only goes to show that kindness exists even when we don’t expect to find it. It’s this kind of gesture of love and kindness that shows there is hope for us human beings, despite all the rage and war and conflicts going on all over the world.

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    1. Hello Otto,
      Thank you for visiting my post. I really appreciate your lovely input into the topic of kindness. It does exist, and you prove that too with your posts and comments. and I am finding it everywhere over here since we arrived.
      There is always hope…
      Thank you again Otto.
      Best wishes from Di 💐

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  2. What a beautiful heartwarming post Di. Your words truly tugged at my heart strings. Love really does make the world go round, to give, receive and show without expecting anything in return is so humbling and special. But then, that’s what you are. 💕 I send you the biggest hug and lots of love my special friend. xo

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    1. Hello Miriam,
      Thank you so much for catching up on my posts and for your encouraging and very kind thoughts on this story.
      It really tugged at me too and leaves me with tears when I think of that sweet lady.
      I’m touched it resonated with you so much.
      I do believe that you are a certain type of person too…always thinking of how to build others up…that’s brilliance.
      Thank you again my friend 🙏🏼🙋🏻💜

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      1. What a beautiful thing to say Di. You and I are alike in so many ways. Tears fall easily to me as I feel things so intensely these days. Take care my dear friend and have a wonderful week ahead. xo 💜

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      2. You are very welcome my friend. And how wonderful you feel intensely these days…it’s also part of the journey isn’t it…
        We certainly do think alike and I’m very proud to think so.
        Wishing you a great week ahead too Miriam 🙋🏻♥️

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    1. Hello Miss Andi,
      That’s such a lovely response to my post. Thank you so much.
      I actually really love opening up if it shares some inspiration and goodness for even one person… it’s the reason I began a blog.
      I truly appreciate your response to this. It means such a lot.
      All the best…
      Di 💐


  3. Dear friend! François from Québec here! You just brought tears in my eyes with that share my dear, tnanks for that😀😀 Did you ever see that caring and full of compassion woman?

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    1. Oh what an amazing treat to see you here François…
      Thank you so much for visiting and reading my post.
      It brings tears to me thinking about it too.
      No, I wish I could say I have seen the kind lady… she is forever with me in my heart.
      Thank you again, I’m touched…


  4. Di, this is such a heart-warming story, full of appreciation, love and the power of being vulnerable. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous beautiful lady and thank you for adding sparkles to my day ✨✨✨🌟⭐️✨⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟😄🙏🌹

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    1. Hello dear Carol,
      Thank you so much for reading my story and leaving your very kind and generous comments. I’m touched you enjoyed it so much… thank you for letting me know.
      Hugs to you from me 💐💕


    1. Oh dear Nikki, I’m tingly from reading your beautiful response. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s something special as a new writer to have someone ‘feel’ through my story and words…
      I’m beyond honoured that you chose to add it to your posts of note. Thank you for that so much as well.
      I’m not on twitter but I hope your audience there enjoys it.
      Hugs from me 💐💕


  5. Oh, Di this is beautiful. You allowed yourself to really receive the kindness offered by another human being. To me, that is a sacred act of faith that you are worthy of love (which you so are!!! ❤ ) Giving and receiving and learning how to work that is a blessing, at least in my perspective. I am learning how to tune into my heart, open to the love, and allow it to guide my way … in a lot of JOY.

    Anyway, not sure if that makes sense or not. I love this post. I love the kindness you bring to your blog and to each of us. And I love the way that you connect with friends, both old and new. Plus you have such an awesome smile.

    Have a beautiful week! Love and blessings. Debbie 🙂 ❤

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    1. Dear Debbie…
      As usual, your beautiful comment literally brought a smile to me…such a kind contribution to this post and I cannot thank you enough.
      I adore your description that being worthy of love is a sacred act, and most likely indeed, a huge part of our journey towards self acceptance. To see ourselves ‘worthy’ of love, respect and kindness is a loving act unto itself.
      I’m so happy to see you are learning to tune into your heart and yes, I totally understand what you have said here.
      So thank you again for your generous compliments on my post and blog. That means such a lot.
      Sending love and many blessings in return, dear Debbie 💐💕💕

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  6. I can see that you value your relationships Di, and this is such a wonderful gift. To appreciate the little moments (or, as you pen so much more eloquently, “micro-moments”) and celebrate memories makes life that much fuller.

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    1. Hello dear Gabe,
      I love seeing your thoughts on my posts… thank you so much for your gentle contribution. Alas, cannot take credit for the term ‘micro- moments’ though. I’ll post about it in a coming book highlight.
      I’m touched to have you stop by.
      Take care and sending you a hug 🙋🏻💐

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    1. Hello dear Michnavs,
      I always love seeing your name in notifications…
      Thank you so much for visiting and then leaving your beautiful thoughts… I am so happy that you enjoyed this story…. 💕🌹

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  7. Di once again your beautiful heartfelt post has stirred and touched my soul! It is a reminder that we are all human and these simple acts of kindness make an enormous difference. Thank you for this lovely post!

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    1. Hello Nicole,
      Thank you again for such warm and supportive words about my post.
      I’m touched and so happy you enjoyed this story.
      And yes, such simple acts and the ones that may mean the most…
      Take care,
      Di 💕✨

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    1. Hello Brigid,
      Thank you for reading my post, and for your kind appreciation of my story.
      Yes, you said something I have learnt to believe strongly in now… vulnerability is so healing.
      Thank you too for sending your lovely hug. I’ll return the gesture back to you 💐💕

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  8. I really love that cafe story. “It was, at that moment, as if we were the only two people in the café…..” – it’s like time was suspended while two complete strangers exchanged love, each one receiving and giving, as both accepted their role in the love-exchange. How beautiful this picture is.
    I love the pic of Joanne and you, and the relationship you have with her Mum as kind of a mentor while growing up is obviously cherished.
    There’s something about planes and airports that brings out the emotions in me too. That opening scene at the airport in Love Actually gets me every time!
    Thanks for sharing this feel good story, Di. xxxxx
    …….my emoticon button has frozen!

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    1. Dear kim,
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and expressing them so beautifully here. ‘Time was suspended’ and two strangers exchanging love…such lovely expressions.
      I’m so touched you enjoyed my story. Yes, Jo’s mum played a big role in my life and in a way, I modelled my mothering on her ability to tell the truth, even though our deliveries are quite different!
      Oh yes, I know the scene you mean in that awesome movie… it’s hugely emotive and does a great job of having us ‘feel’ something.
      Thank you again Kim and I do hope you can fix your emoticon button soon! What’s life without them!
      Hugs to you,
      Di 🙋🏻💜


  9. Nice that you shared time with your dear friend and her Mum Di 🙂
    Thanks for your lovely words and message:)
    Working in hospice care I often found that the dying were incredibly uncomfortable with receiving the caring administration of our delightful volunteer team .. for paid staff they were most grateful but somehow that volunteers gave so freely to them didn’t sit well. Things like arranging flowers, help with feeding, reading, just sitting or entertaining the grandees to allow adult time .. I wonder if it hinges on our sense of self worth? If comfortable with ourselves receiving is wondrous but if low … it was painful for the volunteers 😦 So it’s important to give and receive graciously just as you did 🙂

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    1. Hello Kate,
      Thank you for your lovely words about this post, as well as offering your experience with the volunteers to answer my question about why. It certainly would make sense that it is related to self worth. Your description of the pain of the volunteers who wanted to know they were going to make a difference to someone but were held back, was enlightening and so profound.
      Yes, I can see again how giving and receiving are important. If we all gave… who could receive?
      Thank you again Kate for contributing so beautifully here 💐💕

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      1. Hello again Kate,
        Thank you for such a kind compliment. That means a lot.
        I’m certainly not an expert but I heard recently that writing from the heart is more meaningful than grammatically perfectly constructed sentences. You write from your heart in the way that touches you and us through your poetry and you can say so much in a few lines… that’s a gift in my opinion. (I was told I was too verbose in high school…)
        and that’s all we can hope for.
        Photography is a huge means of self expression as well.
        I appreciate you returning the reply.
        Take care,
        Di 💐🌟

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  10. Hey Di,
    I read this and it’s a really touching story. Even if you don’t see each other often, that bond will never go away. The lady helping was there for you and there are lots of good in this world even though it seems like those days are gone when it seems bad days are more noted. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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    1. Hello Demetrios,
      Thank you so much for stopping by to read my post. I really appreciate it, as well as your very kind words.
      And I am so glad that this could reinforce your point about there still being so much good in the world. I really believe people love to be able to reach out to us when they can.
      Yes, those bonds of friendship are strong ones for sure.
      Thank you again,
      Di 💐✨


    1. Hello Barbara,
      Thank you so much for your lovely words here.
      Yes, so true…sometimes the smaller the more profound.
      I’m touched to think this brought a tear to your eye too…thank you for letting me know.
      Best wishes, Di 💐


    1. Hello Brad,
      Thank you so much for your very warm words and thoughts about this story.
      I’m so happy you enjoyed it and yes, these times are very special.
      Sending hugs and my best wishes to you too 💐✨

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  11. Di, what an incredibly beautiful post. Thank you for sharing this magical and touching story. My belief is that there are angels among us, and when we are lost or in need of support, they show themselves and provide the love and guidance we so desperately need. It warms my heart that you had the courage to reach out to her, and that this incredibly beautiful woman offered you kindness and support in return. Moments like these are life altering, and what a moment that must have been for you. Your story gives me hope that decency still exists and that love is all around. Bless you, Di!! xo

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hello Tanya,
      What a beautiful response to my post… thank you so much.
      Your use of ‘magical’ and ‘angels among us’ really resonated with me. It sounds very much like you have been receiving such guidance as your words are very heartfelt.
      Yes, this was certainly life altering for its simplicity and gentleness.
      My wish is you never lose hope in common decency, dear Tanya. I’m touched this story also gave you hope that love is all around…
      Thank you again, take care and blessings to you too 💐✨✨

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Jennie,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. They mean a lot.
      And yes, such a lovely summary…’the little things really are the big things..’
      I love that.
      Best wishes,
      Di 💐

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