“What is love, mummy?” A children’s story…❤️

 Hello to you,

This post is a contribution for Nikki’s inspiring blog, Flying Through Water and her creative weekly prompt. This week it was about Love.

I could have written about this in a million ways, but this is the piece I was called to create. It became my magical carpet on which to lay out my thoughts on this beautiful word, LOVE.

I do hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed producing it…🌹


Love is kindness and compassion for all



       “There was once a sensitive little girl who always wondered about what love really meant.
Sure, she was part of a family and they existed under the one roof, but always with dinner on the table and some clean clothes to wear…

        She assumed she was loved, although no-one had ever really made a fuss about her or told her they loved her.
So she just went about her life, doing what she was told, hoping to be a good girl, wanting to make people feel happy. Happy meant more to her than love. And helping people. She knew what both of those things looked like.

        She would attend weddings of her older sisters and aunts and uncles, and at the back of her mind she was searching, watching, quietly observing for any hint of what love should look like.
It had a colour, didn’t it? She tried hard to find it. Was it more about a whirling in their hearts that she couldn’t see with her own eyes?

       Did the couple being married have a new sense of something being different? Was there a puff of pink sparkly mist that should accompany them like their own little cloud of joy? And so, love meant pink for her…


And what about that phrase she heard about for so long…’being in love…’

She wondered what that felt like. Would she know when it was her time to be in it? In what exactly?

And so her time was spent pondering these questions.

She said she ‘loved’ chocolate… and climbing trees. Was that the same thing?

        She learnt at school that Jesus had taught us to ‘love one another as I have loved you.’
It was hard to make sense of it. ‘Don’t we just LOVE our family? And aren’t they just supposed to LOVE us?

How can you love other people that aren’t your family? What would that look like?

         One day, when she hadn’t quite finished school, she met a boy. He was at the school next door. They accidentally met on the train on the way home. He seemed to really like her even though she had no idea who or what she was about. But she knew he was something pretty special.

        As time went on she would assume she loved him too  because she discovered she couldn’t imagine life without him, and she really liked who she was when she was with him.

Did that mean ‘love’, she pondered?

       She felt very ‘loved’ by him because he thought she was beautiful whatever her mood, through her tears, through her times of fear, doubt, her self imposed thoughts of ugliness, her happy times, the times she was so frustrated that she would upset him… and always he would say he loved her. He never attempted to change her or ask why she couldn’t be stronger or less emotional.

He didn’t judge her either…

     This very quiet little girl became a nurse, simply because she wanted to make people feel better, to feel they mattered, to show compassion for them in their suffering. That idea had kept her going all those years when she felt like she didn’t fit in anywhere, when the world seemed too big for someone who just wanted to hold a person’s hand in their time of suffering.

So gradually, things began to make sense…

     Perhaps she was doing what Jesus was teaching when she was simply sitting with someone when they were sad or broken.

    Perhaps it was being loving to others when we can imagine what they are going through.

     She remembered the time she was still little and owned a pet bird that had died one day. It was possible to remember what sadness felt like when one of her school friends said they had lost a pet… or even their Nana or Pa..

    She never laughed when somebody tripped over or did something silly because she could feel how embarrassing that would be to have someone see you do that.

Was all of this ‘showing love?’

      Was it found in just being kind, imagining what it’s like to be someone else and feeling what they could be feeling, not laughing at others, being helpful?
She began to discover that it was…

She could feel a little flutter in her heart when she felt she was being ‘loving’ towards someone.

Was that what it felt like?

     Did she have to feel it every day with the boy she met on the train for the rest of her life? Does that feeling stay forever? Or does it change and grow to mean something different?

     She had three little babies with that boy who became her husband. They have all grown up now.
She learnt about love from watching them and accepting them when they were difficult, when they had a tantrum, and yet every day, she couldn’t wait to pick them up out of their cot and see them, as if for the first time…
They all had their own little personalities and one was not better than the other. She thought they were all beautiful. They didn’t have to be perfect for her. They were just being themselves.

Surely that was love?

      Gradually as the years passed, she realised that she could be even better if she learnt to love herself. That didn’t mean going around and telling everybody how good she was.
It was about accepting herself for all the things that make her the person she is.

Some days she was upset, some days she was happy, some days she forgot things, some days she said something accidentally to make someone sad. These were all the parts that made her whole and she was beginning to be alright with that.

     This little girl who grew up learnt that there is love to be found in a kind word to someone she didn’t even know. It could be a person in a shop, or someone she met on the way to somewhere else.
It’s giving someone a flower from the garden, hugging someone, writing to say ‘thank you’ when someone had shown love to her by bringing a flower or sending a tiny metal Angel in the post, wiping someone’s tears with the corner of a tissue, sitting next to someone who is sad, doing some fun things together and laughing, saying nothing at all, just listening…

…saying ‘I love you…’

      She came to discover it’s really a special word that means very simple but beautiful things and can be different for everyone…and we need to be shown love in our own special ways too. Ways that speak our language…

     Some of us like to be told we are loved, some of us like to be shown we are loved through gifts or spending time together, some of us just need a big bear hug to feel loved.


 When we wish that someone can be as happy as us,

or we wish to say or do something that can make them feel better,

when we just want the best for them…without expecting anything in return…

when we don’t make someone feel bad about being who they are…

    That’s love, actually…”


….I also realise love can present itself as a little heart enclosing our written words, it can come draped around encouragement, as an extra ingredient baked into a cake, it can be buying a magazine from a homeless person, it can be many things, but what we do know is…


******Song embedded for you… sung by Dionne Warwick, ‘What the World Needs Now’ 


I’d love to make mention of a book I bought quite a few years ago upon which some of this philosophy here is based…
‘The Five Love Languages’ by Gary Chapman. It appeared at a time I was questioning what it all was supposed to be about. I thought you may enjoy seeing this too.

Thank you for reading…I wish you much love in your life and some from me too…
Di 💕

71 thoughts on ““What is love, mummy?” A children’s story…❤️

  1. Di – I love this post so much, and written in such a unique perspective and one we can all relate to as children growing into adulthood.

    I am so glad you discovered what love means to you. I began reading The 5 Love Languages a short while ago, such a great read and helps us to understand the many different ways we give and receive love – sending much love your way beautiful lady! ❤ xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello dear Hayley…
      Well, we do have a lot we share in our journeys don’t we? Fancy you reading that very book recently!
      Thank you for such positive and kind words about this post…it was a very important and meaningful one for me to write about. I’m so happy it resonated with you. And yes, it’s a wonderful book to teach us we all have different needs and ideas about Love…
      Thank you again Hayley 💐💕

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      1. Hayley, I didn’t know you had included my post in your soulful Sundays when I replied to this comment of yours…So thank you for such a beautiful surprise…I’m really touched 🙏🏼💕

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you Hayley… it makes me love writing even more knowing we can connect with others through our words and our journeys. I truly value your thoughts…🙏🏼💕

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  2. Fabulous post as usual, Di!! My heart broke for that little girl, but then I found myself cheering in the end when she realized all the places love exists. Our stories and experiences are all so unique, and I am always amazed by the different ways in which people overcome self-doubt and pain, and find within themselves strength and courage they didn’t know they had. And in this case, love. So much love. You are a generous, thoughtful and gentle soul, and to know that there was a time in your life that you didn’t feel love saddens me so much. But, the fact that you found love and now spread it so effortlessly doesn’t surprise me one bit. You were meant to spread your wings and fly. Now, though, you are soaring. Each time I read one of your posts I am reminded how blessed I am to have found you. Much love to you, Di!! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello lovely Tanya,
      My, your words warm my heart like you wouldn’t believe.
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here. Being such a sensitive little person who read more into life…I think I always had a feeling about my purpose. And learning about the different ways people show love…
      I’m really thrilled and honored by your kind words ‘now you’re soaring…’ and they mean more than you could ever imagine.
      Much love to you my friend and thank you sincerely….💐💜

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  3. Hello darling Di, I so enjoyed reading your beautiful, thoughtful words. It’s 4am in the morning , I will read this again. I loved your story, which reinforces everything I have come to believe, after years of soul searching . You have the gift of writing and I wonder if you would ever think of publishing a little book for children?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello my dear Maggie,
      I really value and appreciate your beautiful words about this post.
      They mean so much. And funny you should ask about a book for children… it’s certainly a genre that early childhood educators say is needed… learning about emotions. So it’s in the back of my mind for sure.
      Thank you again, Maggie, especially reading it so early in the morning.
      Take care and sending hugs 🙋🏻💜💜


  4. There is such much truth in this post. Thank you for sharing such a lovely reminder of what love is. I have read that book many times because my way of showing love may not always the way that speaks the loudest to those I love. 🙂 -Amy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Amy,
      What a beautiful comment to open up and see… thank you so much for your warm and encouraging words.
      I’m happy you know about this book already and yes, it holds such wonderful wisdom, to help teach those around us the language we understand and crave the most…
      Thank you again,
      Di 💐💕

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Dr Dinardo,
      Thank you so much for your kind and very encouraging words.
      It’s always such an honour to hear from you. I really appreciate it.
      Hope you are enjoying your summer break 💐💕

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  5. I am so touched, Di. Thank you! This could be a children’s book. ❤

    There is so much about this that is beautiful.

    Love to you, Di. You are a demonstration of kindness and compassion on this blog.

    Blessings, Debbie ❤ 🙂 I am so grateful for you

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello dear Debbie,
      I’m touched you really think it could be a book, or at least a concept, for a children’s book. It’s something that interests me, so I value your thoughts very much.
      Thank you for your kind words too…I’m very grateful for them, and for you too, lovely lady.
      Take care, hugs and love from
      Di 🙋🏻💕💕

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I really see it, Di! ❤ One of the things I do is envision the greatest dreams of and for myself – maybe you can do that if you haven't already. (You may very well have) When I do it, I make it very colorful. Pink is especially important. 🙂 Loving to you Di Have a blessed week.


  6. You do this every time and I admire it every time :). Just by putting yourself forward and narrating your wisdom..may be the most effective way to convey and convince and At least I am.
    I like there are nothing definite in your post, no do’s or don’ts, but a stick to hold-on if you like to. The freedom of thought you give to your reader and side by side letting him/her to know your experiences is a joy and learning for us. So good to know about your life and endless efforts to know “love”
    Love & Care

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello dear ArtOfMobile,
      I’m very happy to hear from you and as always, I was eager to read your thoughts… and I think they are just so lovely. Thank you for sharing how you find my style of writing. It’s always been my intention to hint at thoughts and ideas as I can really only give my side of things unless I’m relaying some documented science (which will still happen) but that’s a totally different post style.
      Your words ‘a stick to hold on if you like to’ is a perfect summary. I think it’s the HSP side that doesn’t enjoy ‘loud’ so I hoped to write ‘quietly’.
      I’m a bit of an open book, and I’m really loving sharing my pages…Thank you so much for your warm encouragement again for this post…
      Love and care to you too,
      Di 💕💐


  7. So well done, Di. A very important piece…sharing a story instead of telling us what you think. Such a clever way to share your important wisdom and all of your experience with being the kind, compassionate, loving person you are. I will remember this story when I’m doubtful about how to act or what to say. As always, thank you. Big hugs and much love back to you, Di.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello dear Peggy,
      Thank you for your kind, encouraging words about this post.
      I really appreciate the fact that you enjoyed it as a story. That was my full intention and thank you for letting me know…
      You are very sweet with your touching words. I
      will just say thank you sincerely and leave it at that…
      Thank you for my hugs and love back too… received gratefully 💐✨💕

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello there,
      Thank you so much for stopping to read my post and leaving your very kind thoughts. It meant a lot to me. To have you describe it as beautiful and loving… I couldn’t wish for more.
      Thank you again,
      Di 💐

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  8. This is beautiful Di ..what we really need is actually love..
    There is a current crisis in my country…and we could only hope and pray so much…but at the end of the day we know why it happens…its the absence of love that makes us do things that harm other people.. its the absence of love that make us angry and wanting to kill…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Michnavs,
      I really appreciate you stopping by my post and leaving your valuable contribution, as well as your kind words about it. Thank you so much.
      I feel the passion in your message, and how strongly you feel about the situation in your country. Hope and prayer as you suggested, as well as just loving our neighbour so to speak are perhaps the ways we can take some control of the situation as a single entity.
      Wishing you well,
      Di 💕


  9. What a beautifully moving post dear Di that truly touched my heart. Love is such a huge word and concept that encompasses so much but you’ve managed to convey the feelings, sentiments and images that seem to wrap it all up perfectly. I was blessed to be brought up in a loving family but I still had my doubts and insecurities growing up. Now I don’t let a day go by without telling and showing others around me how I feel about them. And extending that love and kindness into the world. Life’s to short not to. 💕
    Once more a wonderful post from you my dear friend. Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart with us. xo 💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello lovely Miriam… your welcoming of this post means more than you could imagine. I really did put myself out there in this one so thank you very much for your support and kind words.
      Your approach to life and kindness is inspiring, as you say, it’s too short to withhold spreading goodness to those we meet and are close to.

      I really value and appreciate you…. thank you for being you Miriam 💐💕✨

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know that you put yourself out there for this one Di, but I hope by now you know that your vulnerability is now your strength. Your honest words here, your genuine spirit and kind heart will be seen for what it is. We’re lucky to have you amongst us and I’m grateful to call you my friend. 🙂💖Thank you for being you as well Di. Big hugs xo

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  10. What a gorgeous story Di, illustrating the essence of what love really is all about. You captured it perfectly and shared the magical gifts wrapped up in your beautiful heart 💜🦋Thank you, lovely lady ✨💫⭐️🌹Xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Carol…thank you so much. It means a lot to me that you enjoyed it so much. I appreciate your kind words very much 💐💕


  11. You personify so many of the examples of love that you shared in this beautiful post Di. The kind words, support, and encouragement that I see when i read your comments, and read your posts SHOWS me what you men by love in a memorable and meaningful way.

    Thank you for sharing your gifts with us Di. And great contribution to Nikki’s prompt.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Gabe…
      What a gorgeous message to read. Thank you so much for your warm and encouraging words. I’m touched you think that I do. That really means a lot as I only hope what I share about love and kindness is seen as my truth.

      I appreciate you very much and am very grateful we connect here 💐🌟🌟

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Di, you write so beautifully. I loved every word of this post. So many people will resonate with your
    story. “I love you” is a difficult sentence for many people but you have illustrated beautifully how it is often spoken by deeds and not words. Thank you. 🤗😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Brigid,
      I’m absolutely touched by your kind and very encouraging words here. Thank you sincerely 💐
      You have summed it up beautifully… that love is about deeds as much as the words themselves.
      I value your thoughts very much.
      I hope you are enjoying your summer there and it’s being kind to you 💕

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Nikki….I’m so relieved you liked it for your prompt 🌹Thank you so much for such encouraging feedback…it means a lot 🙏🏼💕


  13. What a touching post Di! Thank you so much for sharing your story. It is very lovely indeed. I remember my parents teaching me early on to love myself. That is the best gift they could have ever given. We are a very open family and my mom still says I love you each time she hangs up the phone. I do the same with my children and husband. Love makes the world go round and is so important.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Nicole,
      What a beautiful contribution to my post. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing experience of love from your mum as well as how you now pass that down to your children. I can just feel the love flowing around between you all, ready to share it with the world in your own ways.
      I really value your thoughts Nicole, and thank you again for stopping by here to share the love 💐💕

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  14. the comments above cover it all Di, deep post with massive self reflection and gently weaving wisdom and kindness into a security blanket of love … unconditional and universal .. magic thanks 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Kate,
      Thank you so much for your beautiful, warm words and coming from the writer you are, they are so encouraging to me. I love your ‘security blanket of love’…so special.
      Thank you again, I really appreciate you and your thoughts here 💐💕

      Liked by 1 person

      1. you are too kind Di .. I don’t have any writing talent but do enjoy my poetry and photography 🙂
        It’s good to see you growing in talent and confidence, keep up the good work 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I see we are kindred spirits Kate, as I love both of those too. And the kindness towards each of us… lets both feel encouraged…💜✨💜

        Liked by 1 person

  15. This is a beautiful and heartfelt post Di. I’m guessing it’s based on your history. Regardless, it’s filled with wisdom and love that speaks to my tender heart and inner child who I’m also learning to love more fully for who I am. Hugs and blessings, Brad

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hello Brad,
      I’m really touched…and honoured, by your warm words. I couldn’t have asked for this to be received in a more welcoming way.
      Thank you sincerely. It seems that this self love journey is a very poignant theme for many of us and I appreciate you sharing yours here.
      And… you may have guessed correctly…🌟
      Thank you again for reading and stopping to comment,
      Sending a hug and may you also feel blessed,
      Di 🌹

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello again Brad,
        Yes, it was something that was seen as a bad thing and I know for myself, at school it was said as a derogatory thing if someone seemed to ‘love herself!’ Together we can claw ourselves out of the hole that is any kind of shame about who we are. Yes, I now see that what we give returns to us, as well as if we feel loving towards ourselves, we are more able to share it with everyone else
        I really value the fact you feel safe to share your journey here Brad.
        Keep in touch, and thank you,
        Di 💐🌟

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  16. What a wonderful post, Di. A great story about the discovery of what love is. What a deep thinker you were as a young child and so great that you can remember all these feelings and thoughts. The book on love languages is a good one which I read a few years back and it’s fascinating to realise that not everyone shows love, or wishes to receive love, in the same way. We tend to make assumptions about that, using our own emotions. I really enjoyed reading this and it brings home how showing love can be so simple and yet so profound. You’ve shown love through sharing this, Di. 💜💜

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello Kim,
      Thank you so much for your wonderful and kind contribution to my post. I’m glad you also know of the book. It was a special read for me too, and felt it was a worthy inclusion here.
      I love your summary about assumptions and including our own history and emotions, when in fact it can be a simple act.
      Yes, I really did (over) think about a lot of things, sometimes it paid off and other times was a hindrance.
      I really appreciate you and your lovely thoughts….
      Hugs and may you feel blessed,
      Di 💕


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