Part 3… Emotions and Bach Remedies

Hello lovely friend,

Now you know more about Dr Bach, pictured here, and how he developed his system of healing, I’d like to delve into why and when we may like to experience the beauty of the Flower Remedies.

It’s quite a large topic and I have pondered it over the course of the week.

Beginning with emotions is the appropriate place to begin, because the consultation, and indeed if you choose to use the system for yourself, invites us to be clear about our emotions…

Sometimes I think we know our best friends better than we truly know ourself. It’s a wonderful discovery that isn’t about becoming perfect, but rather agreeing to see ourselves as we truly are, hidden feelings, fears and all..

The first thing Dr Bach wanted us to do was to return to our true nature, the ‘us’ that lies within, often buried through prior conditioning, unhelpful prior patterns, and other people’s opinion on who and what we should be. Sometimes we’re the ‘people pleasers’, wanting to impress others, holding unrealised dreams, or giving in to fears preventing us from living a truly fulfilled life.

He believed the vibrational energy of the flowers could flood our soul with the opposite virtue of a heavy emotion, in turn revealing our soul, our purpose, however simple that may be. We cannot be the best version of ourselves if self doubt, insecurities, inadequacies, and fears keep us locked into a place whereby we cannot move forward.

Life is pure potential through discovering our true natures and finding a home for them to shine their light.

From the place of a peace and living according to our own values, even the most simple of encounters each day can provide the opportunity to Love…to make someone else feel like they matter, our replenished heart is able to reach outwards for others.

Life is about progress and movement, as the flowing river and the changing of the seasons teach us.

Every part of us is vibrating, constantly changing through the sloughing of what is no longer required or in a state of renewal.

Emotions, ‘E-Motions’, are purely ‘energy’ in motion.

They are all here for a reason, otherwise, according to evolution, they would have died out. Even the so called ‘negative’ emotions have a purpose. They are only called negative because they impact our health adversely if we allow them to remain trapped and unseen until we have a trigger that brings into our consciousness. That’s just what the ‘pain body’ loves, as defined and described by Eckhart Tolle in his book tilted ‘A New Earth’ and ‘The Power of Now.’ He states, ‘Pain can only feed on pain. Pain cannot feed on joy. It finds it quite indigestible.’

In another book titled ‘Molecules of Emotion’, Candace B. Pert, PH.D. states this about emotions; ‘And the emotions are felt throughout the body as sensations.’ And further… ‘All honest emotions are positive emotions…The key is to express it and then let it go, so that it doesn’t fester, or build or escalate out of control.’

The growth lies in looking at them square in the face and asking ‘Why are you here, and what have you to teach me?’

Only when we fully own and accept an emotion we are embarrassed or ashamed to admit to feeling, can we tame it and watch it lose its power and hold over us.

It’s not easy to accept we have feelings of guilt, jealousy, fear, anger. They have certainly been given a bad reputation. If we can find a quiet place to really feel…perhaps allow tears to flow, to go within, be truthful and honest with ourselves, may we begin the journey towards ‘healing’.

One example of Healing as described in the Cambridge dictionary;

‘The process in which a bad situation or painful emotion ends or improves.’ It goes on to add an example, ‘Healing only begins when the hurt is shared with someone.’ Or, I will add, when we know what we are feeling. It wants our attention…When these feelings cannot flow freely through our body, this can often present itself as an illness or a real physical pain.

We aren’t to blame at all, as it’s part of life to be moved by things, and to feel, but awareness of the power of our emotions is our right, and once we know, we have more incentive to manage them.

The potential resides within us, awaiting our permission for emotional wounds to be cleared from our subconscious.

And so, once we have become aware of how we are feeling, the gentle flower remedies can be called on to restore our faith in ourselves, and our ‘Being’ in the world, to return us to balance and encourage healing.

I heard a lovey phrase by Panache Desai describing himself as ‘an old friend who is here to remind us that we have everything we need to be whole. We are not broken.’

I thought that was the most beautiful way to describe himself.

We could also describe ourselves in the same way… to be here for each other, to give of our time, share our presence.

The Remedies are too, like dear old friends, who are here to remind us of that very thing.

They guide our hearts and our soul to provide us with moments of gentle awakening, returning us to what is inside all along.

They gently whisper to us…’Come on my love. You are returning to yourself.’

They work differently from the pharmaceutical model we are used to. They don’t provide an instant shift in gear, as they aren’t prescribed for physical ailments anyway, but create more of a awakening through a ripple effect over days, weeks and months.

As Stefan Ball, who is the head consultant at the Bach Centre in Oxfordshire, explains, we don’t always remember or realise our headache has gone. We just get on with our day and it’s not until later on we remember ‘Oh yes, I had a pain in my head this morning’. That’s how the remedies work. We may realise after a period of time that we feel more confident, or don’t react to things the way we used to. We begin to remember how we are supposed to feel.

‘They will always work,’ explains a teacher in one of the books I read on Flower Remedies.

The difference lies in the density of our energies that may be heavy and stuck from the emotional pain we haven’t been able to access, often for a lifetime. In those situations, there may be layers of an onion that need to be peeled away, always beginning with what is currently occurring in our emotional body.

There is no blame, no shame, as we are all in the same situation called life, with our hurts, disappointments, grief, losses…

The gift we can offer each other is to listen and be present, with no judgement.

I myself can relate to every one of the 38 remedies, and can think of a time whereby I could have ‘received’ their encouragement back to healing.

It’s from that place we can be here for each other, seeing ourselves in another. This fosters true compassion.

The remedies may give us unique ‘aha’ moments once we are better in tune with ourselves.

It can be a truly beautiful journey of getting to know ourselves on a deeper level, and how we can make the world a better place just by being who we are.

My wish in sharing is to invite you into yourself. Whether you choose to discover the healing thereafter from the remedies is entirely up to you. I would love to support you on the journey, but trust you have the inner knowing that you are a beautiful, already whole person, who perhaps has lost their way temporarily. We all find ourselves in that space from time to time.

Thank you for reading and being here. I send much love to you on this journey called life.


Part 2…The discoveries of Dr Bach.

Mount Vernon. Image by Dianne whilst attending Level 1

Hello lovely,

And so…this week, I would like to share with you what, exactly, Dr Bach discovered…

He found that flowers have a resonance all of their own… a vibrational fingerprint of the highest order. The remedies, as indeed all flower remedies (also known as essences) are classed as Vibrational Medicine, working on the subtle energy system of our body to restore wellbeing. I think Dr Bach described it beautifully in the quote above.

Through his intuition and profound connection with the wildflowers, he was able to learn when a particular flower would balance his particular emotional state. He left London and travelled all over the country and into Wales in search of the flowers as a match for our various emotional states. He became his own test case, and would eventually move from London to a new home, called Mount Vernon, in the tiny village of Sotwell in Oxfordshire, pictured above. It was here he tested his new discoveries on his patients.
People would line up to be treated by Dr Bach using his new method of healing.

He received excellent results.

In time, word spread about this new way of returning us to the state of wellbeing through balancing our emotions, or feelings of being ‘stuck’ in a pattern that doesn’t serve us.
He trained three assistants to help with correspondence from people around the world who wrote about their healing stories after using his remedies.

Dr Bach’s method of preparing the remedies involves either floating the blossoms gently in a glass bowl filled with pure spring water and allowed to steep under full sun for three hours.

An example of the sun method. Picture by Dianne

Or by the boiling method. This is for tougher, woodier plants whose flowers are boiled in Spring water for half an hour.

These two methods transfer the signature of the flower’s vibrational essence to become one with the water. This transformed water, called the ‘Mother Tincture’ is then preserved in quality Brandy and poured off to become the ‘stock bottles’ you’ll see in the shops.

Perhaps you have heard of Rescue Remedy?

Rescue Remedy, pictorial of its contents

There are countless examples of the blend within this tiny yellow bottle delivering fast results from traumatic and overwhelming situations or emergencies.
Rescue Remedy consists of five individual flower remedies you can see in the picture above.

Some remedies will have a near immediate result with our passing moods, whilst others for balancing long-held emotional patterns can take weeks or longer.

There are studies beginning to emerge about how the process actually works but Dr Bach wanted to keep his system free of Science in order to keep it simple and in my words, very personal. He also wished that we could all reach for a remedy when we require nurturing from nature to regain our zest and joy for life.

He wrote ‘I want it to be as simple as this. I am hungry, I will go and pull a lettuce from my garden for my tea; I am frightened and ill, I will take a dose of Mimulus.’

The remedies have absolutely no side effects, are gentle enough to be used for pregnant women, babies and pets, and with any kind of medication. The only thing we must bring to your awareness is if you are very sensitive to alcohol or are wishing to avoid all traces of it for any reason. In this case, you may prefer to add them to hot drinks to evaporate the alcohol or to rub the drops onto pulse points. By the time you dilute the drops from the stock bottle into a personal mixer bottle with spring water, there is almost no alcohol to be an issue in most circumstances.


In coming posts, I’ll delve more into the process of choosing a remedy, our emotions, the reason I’m becoming a practitioner and why they are an integral part of Dr Bach’s system, and…to introduce you to the beautiful flowers themselves.

For now, thank you so much for visiting my post.

Until next time, much love,

Dianne ❤️🌸

Bach Flower Remedies… part 1. Who is Dr Bach?

Welcome beautiful one,

The time has arrived to begin sharing exactly what the Bach Flower Remedies are all about. I’ve been waiting for the right time, as I have mentioned them so many times in my Instagram posts.

I also referenced them in an earlier blog post, and I’m so proud to share with you the story of this beautiful, gentle healing modality…

Healing with flower essences is actually not a new discovery. It has been around for thousands of years throughout many cultures, and it was Dr Edward Bach, an English Physician, Bacteriologist and Homeopath who brought this healing modality to our awareness in the early 1900’s.

Edward Bach was born in England in 1886. In the book titled ‘The Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach Physician’, Nora Weeks relates the story that Edward as a young boy ‘would oftentimes sit in the classroom and dream of a time when he might begin his work.’ Both as a doctor and that answers lay out in Nature.

He entered Medical college in Birmingham and came to London to complete his training, qualifying in 1912.

In 1917 he became ill with a life threatening condition, and was given three months to live. With his last remaining weeks of life, he threw himself into his medical career and research, so he wouldn’t leave unfinished findings.

After a few months, realised he forgot about his disabilities from his illness and found that he had grown stronger.

From this experience, he pondered deeply into the relationship between disease and the effect illness places upon our mind, and in reverse, the impact that troubled or uplifting thoughts have on our body.

And so, in 1930, he left his thriving Medical Practice in London’s Harley Street and his research as a Bacteriologist, believing in his heart of hearts that there was a different way of healing, a new form of Medicine, that would cause no harm, and could be prepared through the benevolence of Mother Nature herself.

He spent his days out in nature in the English and Wales countryside, which had always been a major love, believing there had to be a simple method of returning to us to wellness. In time, he discovered a system of 38 flower remedies with each one correlating to a particular emotional state, passing mood, or character trait.

He knew that the disturbance of our peace mind could be returned to balance through the vibrational energy contained within the highest expression of nature… the benevolent flowers themselves.

So it was Dr Bach’s wish and subsequent discovery, that treating the whole person, mind, body, and spirit, can result in healing.

As his companion, Nora Weeks describes, ‘He harboured an overwhelming compassion for all who suffered….and love for nature.’

He also observed that in many situations, the symptoms of a patient would be greatly reduced or dissolve into nothingness once the patient is treated compassionately, offered hope, encouraged to feel peaceful in the comforting presence of practitioners or other medical staff, to eradicate fear, and to have faith that they will be healed.

In other words, they will be surrounded with such an uplifting, encouraging environment that recovery cannot help but be returned, or at the very least, their emotional suffering greatly relieved.

Dr Bach passed away just after his 50th birthday, having lived for nearly 20 years after his grave prognosis.

So it’s my pleasure to introduce you to this system gifted to us by Dr Bach. There are now many countries around the world who teach and provide consultations, as well as many countries who have developed their own Flower remedies.

Dr Bach… your boyhood dream came true.

I’m not trying to convert you, but to simply share this passion I have grown into, and which has grown into me…and my hope is that it may bring you hope and encouragement by reading this🌸

Thank you for your company here,

Much love,

Dianne 💕

Thoughts on bravery…

image-1…This week’s affirmation for you…and me.✨

Hello beautiful,

We all have our own personal indicators of what being brave means.

For some of our beloved community, it’s getting out of bed to face another day of pain, grief or a different hardship…

To some, it’s climbing a mountain…

And for others, it’s somewhere in between.

Begin today…💫💫

Allow yourself the gift of being vulnerable enough to be brave…

Yes, it takes a lot of bravery to step out of our own shadow of fear and into the light.

Each day, aim to do, think or say something that you don’t usually ‘see’ yourself doing or saying…

Something that perhaps takes you a little closer to the sharing of yourself and connecting your soul with another…

It may ‘feel’ different, and feel scary, but it’s still ‘You’, perhaps even more so once you push through the fear of being judged or on show…

Allow your inner beauty to be seen.

In time, and with daily practise, patience and love, you’ll get used to this new feeling…

‘I can do it’ you whisper. ‘I AM brave.’

Then revisit the feeling tonight before you sleep…

Think about the progress you made however small it seems to you.

Don’t judge it, but congratulate yourself on being brave…

stepping out of your comfort zone…

Be gentle on yourself, sweetheart.

Because in the end, a journey begins with the first step…

🌺It’s in our Today that a new future begins…🌺

Thank you for your kind visit, I appreciate it.

Much love,


Hello…It’s been a while…


Hello beautiful,

As you may remember from my last post here,  dated September 2017, I am currently in London with my husband. We have been here for 15 months already, and the time is flying.

Please excuse my absence from WordPress, as I have been so busy learning about myself and progressing on my journey towards even greater self-acceptance.
I know I was meant come to England. It had called me since I was a teenager and the brilliant universe heard my heart’s desire.

After listening to many podcasts, and YouTube clips, notably by Gregg Braden, during early 2017 I began to feel the feeling of being in London, down to the cafe where I would sit and write my blog posts.
I would say to my husband, Tony, ‘When we live in London….’ and he would correct me and say ‘if’ and ‘you know there is no real movement from my company going on in The UK. It’s all happening technology-wise in Asia.’
But I’d have none of it and say ‘no… when. Play along. We have nothing to lose.’

And so he began to play along with me.

One day in June of 2017, he sheepishly stood in our doorway with his iPad saying
‘I think you’d kill me if I didn’t respond to this email…it’s about a posting to the London office’.

I couldn’t believe it… no; actually I could. Everything I’d been learning about our thoughts and how the universe worked had manifested into something very real. A long held dream was coming true.
There is a quote I’ve recently discovered as attributed to the poet Goethe…

“Be careful what you wish for in youth, because you will get it in middle life.’

How utterly magical.

Evidence indeed that the power of our thoughts and deep desires are much more profound that we could ever imagine. I’m here to let you know they are powerful.

I’ve written before about the weight of a word, and I believe it even more now.

So, after reading the email from Tony, I began to pack, even before it was confirmed. I just trusted the universe wouldn’t dangle this dream before me and not deliver.

We arrived in the UK in September of 2017…

Since then, I’ve soaked up every opportunity to discover more about myself, where I fit into the world and why I have been called to this country for most of my formative years.

I’ve enrolled in numerous courses, attended Spiritual talks, read, listened, learnt…

And the most beautiful realisation from being here…
I have fallen in love.
Yes, totally and utterly with something that I thought was perhaps a passing curiosity…

You see, I enrolled in a course at the Bach Centre in Oxfordshire. I had googled it many times from the lounge room of my Melbourne home, wondering what these little brown bottles of something special were all about. I would see them in my health food store and always wonder how they could help, how to choose one and what their names meant.
I promised myself if I ever got to be in England for longer than a week or two on holiday, I’d attend a course at the centre.

So come April this year, I did. I enrolled in Level 1.

I soon discovered, with the help of one of the essences, that this was what I’d been looking for. It was a healing modality that finally fitted my personality, and all those traits that I used to be ashamed of were now a perfect fit for this energy healing modality. They had a purpose…

The Bach Flower consultation involves talking about how someone really feels at this present time (I love deep and meaningful conversations),
what’s going on in their current emotional life that has perhaps tipped them out of balance, listening well (I’ve always preferred to listen than to talk),
and then creating a personal mix of remedies (I love creating healthy blends of anything…food, drinks…) according to the emotional needs of the person. It’s also an educational and collaborative role, rather that me being the person doing the healing.

So this is the perfect combination. It’s simple, but with profound results.

….Level 1 became Level 2, which come last October, became Level 3. I’m now on track to becoming a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, known as BFRP.

The balancing of emotions comes from empowerment. Empowerment of the person receiving the consultation to create their own constructive environment for healing.

So, I cannot wait, and am literally bursting with ideas and future posts to help spread the word of Dr Edward Bach, the power of our mind and lots more.

I will be proudly sharing about them in coming weeks, but I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I’m glad you are here.

Please, if you take anything from this first post from the other side of the world…it’s that dreams do come true.
Feel them ‘as if’ they are already happening, and create the heart felt environment of it already existing.

I’ll include a link to a 12 minute Gregg Braden clip with the summary of the information that changed my life…

Thank you so much for reading, and for being here.

I send love and wish you many blessings for this new year.

Dianne xx

The Money Tree

“The heart surrenders everything to the moment. The mind judges and holds everything back.”
Ram Dass 


A Money Tree further down the driveway



Hello and welcome,

As my hubby and I prepare to leave Melbourne for London in just over a week, we are making good progress with our ‘to-do’ list…
until a small bush between our driveway and the next door neighbour’s fell onto our side. It wasn’t a high priority to tend to it immediately, and became something else to add to the growing list of things to finalise before departure day.

I decided this particular sunny lunch time I would sneak out to begin breaking off the branches that had toppled over.

I was all set to dive into one of my beloved podcasts while I performed the operation, when my lovely neighbour appeared. She came over onto my side to have a chat and noticed what I was about to do.
She offered to help me and I reassured her I would be able to manage it on my own. I didn’t want her to put herself out, as she was still carrying her handbag…and after all, I was all set for some good listening while I was busy in the lovely winter sun, before scurrying back inside to pack and fill in forms.

She insisted she help, and promptly began breaking up some of the softer branches.
I watched on as she took control of the situation, initially disappointed that my ‘quiet time’ outside was disappearing.
As I watched her, I suddenly became overwhelmed with a feeling…

A feeling of ‘no, this is happening exactly as it should be. Just allow the moment to unfold…Give her space to help if she insisted on doing so.’

And so I did.

After proceeding to fetch the garden waste bin and wheeling it out to the driveway, we both worked together, chatting as we went.

Two neighbours home at the same time on a sunny lunch time.

It was more special because we haven’t had a lot to do with them, although we were always on friendly terms whenever we would cross paths- everyone seems to keep to themselves a lot more now days.

May, my neighbour, referred to the bush as a Money Tree. I’m not very strong with botanical names or common names for many plants and flowers so I took her word for this.
A feeling that pervaded this story was of a moment that was ‘off my script’…the script being my ‘to-do’ list for the day.

A keen sense that I will perhaps never share time like this again with my lovely neighbour enabled me to just ‘be’, knowing I was preparing to fly off for a long period of time. I remained enveloped in the contentment that everything is unfolding as it should, the acceptance and surrendering that sometimes the most magical of moments occur when we least expect them.

It proffered new meaning for the ‘Money Tree’ experience…

…Perhaps we both became richer that afternoon.

…Perhaps the pruning of the tree gave us greater insight into each other, the chance to pause and appreciate.

It have me reason to think that sometimes the most beautiful moments are the ones that take us off course…
The moments that don’t match our script…
The moments we aren’t expecting…
We have to make room for these moments because this is where the love lies,
in the micro-moments,
through the fostering of connection.

And you know what? I still managed to do all my other chores I had planned for the afternoon. Sometimes I find if I proceed slowly, I actually get more done. It seems to be a little paradox of Time I have noticed.

May we all grant ourselves permission to things to take us off course,
to leave the script from time to time,
to be mindful of these moments occurring before our eyes…
and simply share the gift of our presence.

“Remember then: There is only one time that is important – Now! It is the most important time because it’s the only time when we have any power.”
Leo Tolstoy

Thank you for being here,
Much love,


Inspirational people…


Hello to you, and welcome,

This week, I’m saying very little…
I really want to introduce you to two utterly inspiring Australians who epitomise the art of Resilience

The second awesome Australian is Turia Pitt.

I’ve been following Turia’s journey since she came to our attention after being horrifically burnt in a fire in 2012.
She is interviewed with her amazing partner in a short video that I’m sure will melt you, move you and have you reaching for the tissues. Throughout it all is a beautiful story of Love and resilience.

Please don’t listen to do me a favour, please listen to do yourselves a favour. 

If we are able to soak up the wisdom from people who have been through so much… If they can inspire us…
If their tragedies, struggles and triumphs can be given meaning by sharing of
themselves for others…

Anything I can do to share stories and inspiring people who allow us the gift of falling in love with life again after hardships…then I’m content…

I wish you well,
much love,

Di xx


An interview with Maurice Gleeson from ‘The Weekly With Charlie Pickering: Interviews Series 3.’



An interview with Turia Pitt